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The rules of conduct in the Slovenska Bistrica climbing center primarily serve to ensure safety, order and proper hygiene in the climbing facility. Compliance with safety and other regulations is critical to the well-being of all Center users. Please read these safety instructions and house rules carefully.

The climbing center staff reserves the right to expel visitors who violate these rules from the site. Visitors who violate these rules will also lose their right to a refund of the entrance fee. In the event of repeated violations, access to the facility may be prohibited and the admission ticket for multiple visits will become invalid (visitors are not entitled to a refund).

Climbing in the climbing center is only permitted to registered people with a valid ticket.


Children and minors

Children and minors may only use the climbing areas under the constant supervision of an appropriately qualified accompanying person. Excluded are young people between the ages of 15 and 18 who are allowed to use climbing areas independently with the consent of a legal representative, as well as participants of the Slovenska Bistrica mountaineering club between the ages of 12 and 15 with the signature of their parents and trainer.

With the exception of the children’s corner, playing and running in the entire climbing facility is prohibited (the risk of getting into the fall zone of other climbers or obstructing the guards is too great).

High walls

Climbing without a rope on high walls is prohibited. Visitors without sufficient knowledge of safe climbing and belaying are not permitted to climb the high wall without supervision from a person who assumes full responsibility for safe climbing and belaying.

Only standardized fuses (we recommend the use of self-tightening fuses, e.g. GRIGRI) may be used in combination with suitable dynamic ropes. The climbing rope should be of a suitable length and in perfect condition. If there are large differences in weight, we recommend securing with an additional weight attached to the protective bar or using an OHM device.

Make sure you double check this before each start of your climb. The safety device must be attached to the appropriate place on the belt (shunting loop), the climber must be attached with a suitable climbing knot or carabiner with a nut.

Guard while standing and be sure to choose an appropriate guarding position (maximum 2.5 m from the wall). Until the fourth protection set is attached, it is protected directly against the wall and protected from the force of a possible fall. When belaying, the rope must not be too loose. At the end of the ascent, the fellow climber must be lowered slowly; a rapid descent is prohibited.

Sufficient distance must be maintained between individual climbers; Climbing on top of each other is prohibited. It should never happen that two ropes are tied to the same securing point (anchor point or set). The rope must be removed immediately after completing the climbing route.

The installation of a top rope is only permitted at the top of the route via the anchoring or in the middle of the route if the anchoring is at two fixed points, otherwise securing from above in the middle of the route is not permitted allowed. It is mandatory to secure the rope through both safety clamps. When belaying from above, the rope running from the climber to the belay must be clipped into the sets to prevent swinging in the event of a fall. After using the safety rope from above, all knots must be removed.

The staff of the Slovenska Bistrica Climbing Center can check the user’s climbing and safety skills at any time. Anyone who does not agree with the proof or has a lack of expertise and the necessary climbing knowledge must stop using the climbing areas immediately.


The fall onto the mat must be controlled; Please note that there are other people in the room, which poses a risk of possible injury. The cushions in the hall are harder than normal cushions, so we recommend learning how to fall from a height gradually.

Small children must always be protected by boulders when rock climbing. Preschool children should not climb boulders more than three meters high, and schoolchildren should not climb boulders more than 3.5-4 meters high.

drop area

Immediately after entering a climbing or bouldering gym, be sure to avoid the fall zone of other climbers. Never stand under people climbing as they could fall on you. The same also applies to various items such as broken grab handles, cell phones, keys, security devices, etc.

Bouldering mats are primarily used to prevent falls and should not be used for sitting due to the risk of injury. Please only sit on the edges of the cushions.

Gymnastics or warm-up exercises must be carried out in safe and designated places, for example in the gym.

Mobile phone, music, jewelry, etc.

Climbing and belaying are activities that require maximum concentration. Telephone calls during surveillance are distracting and therefore prohibited. Listening to loud music through headphones also impairs attention and should be avoided.

Rings, necklaces, other jewelry and loose long hair can become caught in handles and equipment and cause serious injury.

Climbing and belaying without shoes (barefoot) is prohibited.

A room with weights

Training with strength equipment, especially barbells, dumbbells and bars, requires experience and can be very dangerous if not done correctly. Children under 14 are not allowed to use these props alone.

Obligation to provide first aid

All users of the facility are obliged to provide assistance in the event of an accident and must provide their personal data in the event of an accident. Please report any type of accident to our staff immediately.

To ensure safety and detect potential liability, the entire facility is under video surveillance.

Dealing with fire


In the event of a fire, the entire facility must be evacuated immediately in accordance with the facility’s fire protection plan. Follow staff instructions.

Order and Cleanliness

Cleanliness, order and good behavior contribute significantly to safety in the climbing center.

Access to the climbing halls is only permitted in clean shoes. It is forbidden to enter the center with climbing shoes, with the exception of the cushions and the large hall.

Please change in the changing rooms and not in the climbing halls. Use the wardrobe, cubbies and shelves to store backpacks and bags; Do not leave them on the ground or in a climber’s fall zone. The deposition of magnesium in fallout areas is also prohibited.

Bringing food into the climbing halls is prohibited.

Avoid unnecessary noise and be considerate of other visitors.

Alcohol consumption is only permitted after training and under no circumstances in the climbing halls. Persons under the influence of psychoactive and other intoxicating substances are not permitted to enter the climbing halls.